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Transforming ignorance/ dualistic misperception (delusion)…

instead, recognising/realising the nature of true reality, within one’s mental continuum (mindstream).


Waking the Mind – out of attachment to conventional reality (relative appearance) – seeing through the veil of delusion!


The tree of unknowing ~ Carangipa

𝘍𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘣𝘦𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘶𝘯𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨

𝘏𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘸𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘭 𝘩𝘢𝘣𝘪𝘵.

𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘢 𝘵𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘥𝘦𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦.

𝘓𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘯. 𝘗𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳. 𝘗𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘦.

𝘊𝘩𝘰𝘱 𝘪𝘵 𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘢𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘹𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘶𝘳𝘶’𝘴 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯.

– 𝘊𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘪𝘱𝘢, […]

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Remembering the immeasurable precious teachings and instructions of the dharma in practice. Through habituation of the understanding of the nature of true reality (arise as realisation, within one’s mental continuum) – cut through delusion.


Every moment provides an opportunity to practice ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

Every moment of your life
provides an opportunity to practice,
– no matter where you are,
– or what is happening.

Do not let practice become
just something that is done in a dharma centre,
– or in front of a shrine, or on your meditation seat.

But also let the whole world
and all that you encounter within it
– become the training ground for your mind.

The more that you do this,
the faster you will move on the path to buddhahood,
– and the happier you will become on the way.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

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Knowing One Liberates All ~ Guru Rinpoche

A hundred things may be explained,
a thousand told,
But one thing only should you grasp.
Know one thing and everything is freed-
Remain within your inner nature,
your awareness!

~ Guru Rinpoche

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Check repeatedly ~ Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche

Mind training should become an integral part of your ongoing experience, a practice that you can apply no matter the conditions. When this happens, difficult circumstances will not dishearten you nor will favorable ones elevate you. Check repeatedly to see if your way of being and the teachings have become one and if you apply them in any circumstance.

~ Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche

The Great Medicine That Conquers Clinging to the Nature of Reality. Shambhala Publications

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Fear is never in the present

Fear is never in the present, it is always evoked through thought: what will happen? So fear, thought and time go together. If one is to understand and go beyond fear, there must be the understanding of thought as well as time.⁠

From Public Talk 5, Saanen, 21 July 1964⁠

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The Buddha speaks…

“Bahiya, this is how you should train yourself:
Whenever you see a form, simply see;
whenever you hear a sound, simply hear;
whenever you taste a flavor, simply taste;
whenever you feel a sensation, simply feel;
whenever a thought arises, let it be simply a thought.
Then “you” will not exist;
whenever “you” do not exist, you will not be found in this world, another world or in between.
That is the end of suffering.”

“Where water, earth,
fire, & wind
have no footing:
There the stars don’t shine,
the sun isn’t visible.
There the moon doesn’t appear.
There darkness is not found.
And when a sage,
a brahman through sagacity,
has realized [this] for himself,
then from form & formless,
from bliss & pain,
he is freed.”


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Purify with Vajrasattva ~ Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol

“In the past, while on the path of learning, Vajrasattva made the following aspiration:

‘In future, when I reach complete and perfect buddhahood, may those who have committed the five crimes with immediate retribution, or anyone whose samaya commitments have been impaired, be purified entirely of all their harmful actions and impairments merely by hearing my name, thinking of me, or reciting the hundred syllables, the most majestic of all the secret mantras! Until this is brought about may I remain without awakening!

May I be present before all those with impairments and breakages of samaya commitments and may I purify all their obscurations!’

Due to the strength of these prayers, Vajrasattva’s enlightened aspirations are unlike those of other buddhas. In his nature, he embodies the hundred buddha families, the five buddha families and so on. Since he is the all-pervading lord of the hundred buddha families and the single buddha family of the great secret, he is unlike any other deity.

You might go before each and every buddha dwelling in the ten directions and strive to apply the methods for confession, but it is said that is better still to practise confession by visualizing your own teacher, the one from whom all the mandalas emanate and into whom they are re-absorbed, indivisible from Vajrasattva.”

~ Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol

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The secret of health, happiness and long life ~ HH Dalai Lama

The secret of health, happiness, and long life: If you simply learn how to accept and express love, you will live longer…be happier…grow healthier. For love is a powerful force.

~ HH Dalai Lama

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Waking from unawareness ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

It is the Tibetan word ‘gom’ that is translated into English as ‘meditation’. But what does ‘gom’ actually mean? It means to habituate our mind with something that is positive. So a mind that was stressed, that lacked concentration and clarity, that experienced greed, jealousy, hatred, anger, and so on, can instead be calm, clear and focused, and filled with compassion, love, patience, generosity, and so on.

Also it is through meditation that our mind is woken up from its unawareness of reality, liberating ourselves from samsara, and becoming a Buddha for the benefit of all.

Everybody has the potential to change. Anybody who doubts this has yet to meditate.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

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Mental wandering ~ Dudjom Rinpoche

When thoughts come while you are meditating, let them come; there’s no need to regard them as your enemies. When they arise, relax in their arising. On the other hand, if they don’t arise, don’t be nervously wondering whether or not they will. Just rest in their absence.

If big, well-defined thoughts suddenly appear during your meditation, it is easy to recognize them. But when slight, subtle movements occur, it is hard to realize that they are there until much later. This is what we call namtok wogyu, the undercurrent of mental wandering. This is the thief of your meditation, so it is important for you to keep a close watch. If you can be constantly mindful, both in meditation and afterward, when you are eating, sleeping, walking, or sitting, that’s it – you’ve got it right!

~ Dudjom Rinpoche

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Think About It ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

The various activities of ordinary life follow one after another like the waves of the ocean. The rich never feel they have enough money; the powerful never feel they have enough power.

Think about it: the best way to satisfy all your desires and complete all your projects is to abandon them.

A realized being sees the preoccupations of ordinary people as being like the events in a dream, and watches them like an old man watching children play. Last night you dreamed, perhaps, of being a great king, but when you woke up, what was left? What you experience in the waking state has scarcely more reality than that.

Rather than pursuing these elusive dreams, let your mind rest in serene contemplation, free of mental agitation and distraction, until the realization of emptiness becomes an integral part of your experience.

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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Maitripa’s Essential Mahamudra Verses

To innermost bliss, I pay homage!

Were I to explain Mahamudra, I would say—
All phenomena? Your own mind!
If you look outside for meaning, you’ll get confused.
Phenomena are like a dream, empty of true nature,

And mind is merely the flux of awareness,
No self nature: just energy flow.
No true nature: just like the sky.
All phenomena are alike, sky-like.

That’s Mahamudra, as we call it.
It doesn’t have an identity to show;
For that reason, the nature of mind
Is itself the very state of Mahamudra
(Which is not made up, and does not change).
If you realize this basic reality
You recognize all that comes up, all that goes on,
as Mahamudra,
The all-pervading dharma-body.

Rest in the true nature, free of fabrication.
Meditate without searching for dharma-body—
It is devoid of thought.
If your mind searches, your meditation will be confused.

Because it’s like space, or like a magical show,
There is neither meditation or non-meditation,
How could you be separate or inseparable?
That’s how a yogi sees it!

Then, aware of all good and bad stuff as the basic reality,
You become liberated.
Neurotic emotions are great awareness,
They’re to a yogi as trees are to a fire—FUEL!

What are notions of going or staying?
Or, for that matter, “meditating” in solitude?
If you don’t get this,
You free yourself only on the surface.

But if you do get it, what can ever fetter you?
Abide in an undistracted state.
Trying to adjust body and mind won’t produce meditation.
Trying to apply techniques won’t produce meditation either.

See, nothing is ultimately established.
Know what appears to have no intrinsic nature.
Appearances perceived: reality’s realm, self-liberated.
Thought that perceives: spacious awareness, self-liberated.
Non-duality, sameness [of perceiver and perceived]: the dharma-body.

Like a wide stream flowing non-stop,
Whatever the phase, it has meaning
And is forever the awakened state—
Great bliss without samsaric reference.

All phenomena are empty of intrinsic nature
And the mind that clings to emptiness dissolves in its own ground.
Freedom from conceptual activity
Is the path of all the Buddhas.

I’ve put together these lines
That they may last for aeons to come.
By this virtue, may all beings without exception
Abide in the great state of Mahamudra.

This was Maitripa’s Essential Mahamudra Instruction (in Tibetan: Phyag rgya chen po tshig bsdus pa), received from Maitripa himself and translated by the Tibetan translator Marpa Chökyi Lodrö.

© Nicole Riggs 1999. Reproduction welcome
if not for profit and with full acknowledgment.

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The single nature of mind ~ Dudjom Lingpa

Consider the fact that no matter how many planets and stars are reflected in a lake, these reflections are encompassed within the water itself. And that no matter how many universes there are, they are encompassed within a single space. And that no matter how vast and how numerous the sensory appearances of samsara and nirvana may be, they are encompassed within the single nature of mind.

~ Dudjom Lingpa


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Mahayana Mind Training  ( བློ་སྦྱོང)

Ordinary people, thinking that an inauspicious sign is bad, become so worried and upset that they then have mos [divination] and pujas done.

But a practitioner of thought transformation uses any inauspicious sign, any bad omen, that happens in their life to destroy the ego, the self-cherishing thought, and to develop bodhicitta and achieve enlightenment to be able to enlighten other sentient beings.

For them, the inauspicious sign becomes good luck.

~ Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

Kadampa Teachings – Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

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No Dharma Other Than This ~ Gampopa

First, turn your mind away from this life by meditating on impermanence.

Then meditate on the faults of samsara. The purpose of meditation on the faults of samsara is to turn the mind away from the entirety of samsara.

When your mind has turned away from samsara, meditate on bodhicitta.

First there is meditation on relative bodhicitta – wishing, from the depths of your heart, that all beings will have happiness, freedom from suffering, and complete buddhahood. Then view everything you do as being for the welfare of all beings. Have no concern for your own desires but develop an aspiration with the Mahayana perspective of benefiting others as your goal. That is how you meditate on relative bodhicitta.

Meditation on ultimate bodhicitta is simply remaining in the mind as it naturally is, a state in which all thoughts of perceiver and perceived, self and other, are intrinsically devoid of reality. Practicing in that way during each of the four kinds of behavior is what is called meditation on ultimate bodhicitta. Practicing in that way brings the realization and attainment of ultimate bodhicitta.

There is no Dharma other than this.

~ Gampopa

From: “A String of Pearls. A Collection of Dharma Lectures”
By Gampopa (1079–1153)

From: “Mahamudra and Related Instructions. Core Teachings of the Kagyü Schools”
Translated by Peter Alan Roberts
The Library of Tibetan Classics – Volume 5
General editor: Thupten Jinpa

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Awakening the mind

Shamatha and Vipashyana ~ Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

Shamatha and Vipashyana sometimes get confused due to the different usage of the terminology in Pali and Sanskrit etc. Sometimes Shamatha is Vipashyana and sometimes Vipashyana is Shamatha, but in Tibetan Shamatha is Shamatha and Vipashyana is Vipashyana. You would expect me to say that because I’m a Tibetan right?

Shamatha for us is the first step, it is where you make your mind calm, and Vipashyana is the second step, where you observe and maintain that calm-abiding state of mind, clearly. Therefore, Shinay or Shamatha is first, and Vipashyana or Lhagthong is later.

If you don’t have a calm-abiding state of mind, then what are you going to observe? You are going to observe your confused state of mind; not necessarily confused in a negative sense, but busy, chaotic, and then that will naturally lead to a neurotic state of mind. That is why Shinay comes first and Lhagthong is later in Vajrayana Buddhism, and especially in Mahamudra practice.

~ Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

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The Fruition of Vipashyana ~ 3rd Khamtrul Rinpoche

Regarding the support of one’s mind, this mind is not supported by anything, whether outside, inside, or in between. The essence of the mind has no identifiable color or shape, it is inseparable from its radiance, and is free from the extremes of origination, abiding, and cessation.

Therefore, no matter how much or where one searches, nothing at all is found—this is the great emptiness free from all mind-made limitations, effort, and activity. Though it is not perceived as being an existing substantial thing, similarly it is neither nonexistent, both, nor neither—it is free from the four extremes. It is the sublime nature of mind and all phenomena. It is absolute space. It is not to be examined through discursive thought. In the perfect primordial essence, great emptiness, it occurs as spontaneously present awareness.

In fact, past obscurations due to reifying fixations have confused the truth, what is empty has not been seen as empty, and what is without self has not been seen to be without self; due to this the truth became the chain of delusion. Here, by having practiced the heart of all teachings, the path of profound pith instructions, and through the power of the great blessings of a sacred guru, you come to unmistakably understand the natural condition of emptiness, the unoriginated basic nature of your mind, primordially free from obscurations.

Seeing what is—not as if beholding it before your eyes, but as it is—you find certainty. In this respect, other instructions teach:

What is seen is emptiness. What sees is emptiness. How it is seen is emptiness. The means or circumstances that bring about the seeing are also emptiness. This is connected with the fourfold pointing-out, namely “emptiness by emptiness as emptiness through emptiness.”

In this and other quotations, everything is linked to emptiness. Likewise the Buddha taught a great deal about sixteen, thirty, and other numbers of types of emptiness, such as outer emptiness, inner emptiness, outer and inner emptiness, emptiness of emptiness, and emptiness of all phenomena. There are numerous detailed explanations on the attainment of the true meaning of all these types of emptiness, but we do not need to discuss them here.

Actually, it is not enough to hold all these types of emptiness as merely empty space, we need to realize emptiness as a spontaneous presence. In other words, to give an example, the essence of the mind is utterly empty like space; it is dharmata. Without ever wavering from it even slightly, its unimpeded radiance arises as the myriad things. But no matter how these myriad things may arise, all that arises is spontaneously present in the great void.

In short, what are known as nondual

phenomena-emptiness, inseparable

awareness-emptiness, inseparable

clarity-emptiness, inseparable bliss-emptiness and so forth have to be understood intellectually, realized, and experienced.

In the sutras, tantras, and pith instructions it is clearly taught that all phenomena in samsara and nirvana are by essence utterly empty. It is only in emptiness that the manifested, unimpeded radiance arises as the myriad things and is spontaneously present. So if one is biased and says that this is spontaneously present in nirvana but not in samsara, one has not realized the genuine spontaneous presence and is thus gripped by the fixation on inherent characteristics.

Here, if you find certainty in the profound truth, the various fetters are completely released and due to this samsara and nirvana do not arise as good and bad; indeed you see the profound truth of the inseparability of good and bad. By implication, spontaneously present emptiness has a spontaneously present result. Furthermore, you understand that from the beginning, awareness, phenomena, clarity, and bliss are all indivisible from emptiness, this indivisibility being the natural condition of the great spontaneous presence.

Therefore, in the very natural condition of your mind, the state of things as they are, there is not even the slightest taint, obscuration, or anything considered impure that needs to be eliminated or expelled, nor is there even a hair of achievable qualities to be incorporated or attained. This is because of the vital point that from the beginning it is great enlightenment by nature. Thus, through the principle of nothing to remove and nothing to add, it is naturally self-liberated.

Without depending on other antidotes for even an instant, the fetter itself is the unsurpassable king of liberation. By corroborating this you actualize the essential point that all reifying fixations of hope and fear, adoption and rejection are self-liberated in their original state.

~ the 3rd Khamtrul Rinpoche,
in Royal Seal of Mahamudra (vol. I)

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Secret blessing ~ Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro

“Let me tell you something secret: the blessing of the buddhas and great teachers is for real. It is like infrasound and ultrasound, or like radio waves and gamma rays, which you may yet be able to hear or see. This indicates you need to adjust the frequency range of your mind.

Today we commemorate the parinirvana of my lama [His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok]. Although it has been 19 years since his parinirvana, his blessing continues marvellously all these times. I consider this the biggest reward in my life.”

~ Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro Rinpoche
(January 6, 2023)

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Limitless like the sky (the happiness, the benefit it can offer to numberless sentient beings) ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

“It’s most amazing what this mind can do. We can’t see this mind. There’s nothing to touch. It has no color, no shape; it’s formless, colorless, shapeless, but what it can do — the happiness, the benefit it can offer to numberless sentient beings — is like the limitless sky.”

~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

This book presents teachings given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche during the 42nd Kopan lamrim course in 2009. In these teachings Rinpoche discusses our potential to bring benefit and happiness, including full enlightenment, to all sentient beings. Rinpoche explains the stages of the path to enlightenment, teaches extensively on emptiness and the good heart, and gives commentaries on our practice, the Offering Cloud Mantra and other prayers and practices.
From the Book: The Path to Ultimate Happiness

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Dzogchen’s self-liberation ~ Namkhai Norbu

Dzogchen’s self-liberation involves allowing any manifestation in the field of the practitioner’s experience to arise as it is, without judging it as good or bad, beautiful or ugly. If attachment or clinging do not come into play, what arises — whether discursive thought or intuitive conceptualization of a seemingly external phenomenon — will release itself automatically at the very moment of its manifestation, without any effort required and without will or intention to intervene. If we practice this way, the seeds of the poisonous plants of dualistic vision will never have the opportunity to germinate and therefore the undesirable plant can never take root and grow.

~ Namkhai Norbu,
The Crystal and the Life of Light: Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen

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Uphold and confirm our commitment ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“To accustom oneself to Bodhichitta is like keeping a garden neat, without undergrowth, insects, lumps of wood and weeds. Let us practice it, bringing together all the qualities of the greater and lesser vehicles, so that we are like containers gradually filled with grain, or pots with drops of water.

Whether we practice Pratimoksha, the Bodhisattva training, or the stages of generation and completion of the Mantrayana, all that we do should act as a support for our vows of Bodhichitta. Even if we practice the Mantrayana, it should uphold and confirm our commitment as Bodhisattvas.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Enlightened Courage, p 86 – Padmakara Translation Group, Snow Lion Publications

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The same constant awareness ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

The practice of dharma should bring you to the point where you can maintain the same constant awareness whether in or out of practice sessions. This is the quintessential point of all spiritual instruction; without it, however many mantras and prayers you recite, however many thousands of prostrations and circumambulations you do, as long as your mind remains distracted none of it will help to get rid of your obscuring emotions. Never forget this most crucial point.

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones. Shambhala Publications

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The only thing that really counts ~ Penor Rinpoche

Whatever attainment that we may want in this life, the only thing that really counts is what we do in this present moment.

~ Penor Rinpoche


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Generating the realisations of the steps of the path to enlightenment ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Generating the realizations of the steps of the path to enlightenment is not a physical activity; it is just mind work. It is not so much physical work, whether we are in the Himalayan mountains or in New York. It doesn’t matter physically where we are. The whole thing is mind, so whether we are in the city or in the country, or while we are working, there is a way to gradually generate the realizations of the steps of the path to enlightenment.

There is a way to gradually generate the realization of bodhicitta mind, shunyata and also the teachings of Secret Mantra. Each day, while we are working, living with our family, living in the city, we can leave impressions of the stages of the path to enlightenment in our mind, by making sessions of one hour or half an hour each day, similar to those who live in the hermitage.

~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Kopan Monastery, 1979 […]

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We have to get to know our own mind ~ Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

We have to get to know our own mind because Buddhism is always about the mind. It’s not about some being out there. It’s about here. This is the problem. All our problems ultimately come back to our own mind. And so, we have to get to know that mind before we can transform it. And the only way to get to know it is to look at the mind.

~ Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

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Nothing is permanent ~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche

“Let yourself become that space that welcomes any experience without judgement.”

– Tsoknyi Rinpoche

(in the book Open Heart, Open Mind—Awakening the Power of Essence Love)

Present in yourself ~ Padmasambhava

This awakened mind of awareness is not made of any material substance; it is self-existing and inherent in yourself. This is the nature of things that is easy to realise because it is not to be sought for elsewhere.

This is the nature of mind that does not consist of a concrete perceived and something perceived to fixate on. It defies the limitations of permanence and annihilation. In it there is no thing to awaken; the awakened state of enlightenment is your own awareness that is naturally awake.

In it there is no thing that goes to the hells; awareness is naturally pure. In is there is no practice to carry out; its nature is naturally cognizant. This great view of the natural state is present in yourself: resolve that it is not to be sought for elsewhere.

~ Padmasambhava

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The quintessence of the oral instructions ~ 17th Karmapa

Even though buddha nature is not the least affected by our delusions or incidental stains, our ignorance arises like clouds and temporarily blocks the light of the sun, our buddha nature. The light of the sun will shine when the clouds are swept away. This happens when we begin with developing a positive motivation and, not stinting in our efforts, we practice the quintessence of the oral instructions.

~ 17th Karmapa

from the book “Music In The Sky: The Life, Art, And Teachings of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje”

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Simply work at developing love and compassion ~ Dza Patrul Rinpoche


Help other beings as much as you can.

In everything you do, simply work at developing love and compassion until they have become a fundamental part of you.

~ Dza Patrul Rinpoche

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The Summary of Mahamudra ~ Naropa

All things are your own mind

Homage to the state of great bliss!
Concerning what is called Mahamudra
All things are your own mind.
Seeing objects as external is a mistaken concept;
Like a dream, they are empty of concreteness.

All things, like space are equal

This mind, as well, is a mere movement of attention
That has no self-nature, being merely a gust of wind.
Empty of identity, like space.
All things, like space, are equal.

When speaking of ‘Mahamudra’
It is not an entity that can be shown.
There the mind’s suchness
Is itself the state of Mahamudra.

All that appears and exists is Mahamudra

It is neither something to be corrected nor transformed,
But when anyone sees and realizes its nature
All that appears and exists is Mahamudra,
The great all-encompassing Dharmakaya.

Letting it be

Naturally and without contriving, allowed simply to be,
This unimagined Dharmakaya,
Letting it be without seeking is the meditation training.
But to meditate while seeking is deluded mind.

Just as with space and a magical display,
While neither cultivating nor not cultivating
How can you be separate and not separate!
This is a yogi’s understanding.

All good deeds and harmful actions
Dissolve by simply knowing this nature.
The emotions are the great wisdom.
Like a jungle fire, they are the helpers.

How can there be staying or going?

How can there be staying or going?
What meditation is there by fleeing to a hermitage?
Without understanding this, all possible means
Never bring more than temporary liberation.

When understanding this nature, what is there to bind you?
While being undistracted from its continuity,
There is neither a composed nor an uncomposed state
To be cultivated or corrected with a remedy.

It is not made out of anything
Experience self-liberated is dharmadhatu.
Thinking self-liberated is great wisdom,
Non-dual equality is dharmakaya.

No place for samsara

Like the continuous flow of a great river,
Whatever you do is meaningful,
This is the eternal awakened state,
The great bliss, leaving no place for samsara.

All things are empty of their own identities.
This concept fixed on emptiness has dissolved in itself.
Free of concept, holding nothing in mind,
Is in itself the path of the Buddhas.

For the most fortunate ones,
I have made these concise words of heartfelt advice.
Through this, may every single sentient being
Be established in Mahamudra.
~ Naropa

English version by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche and Erik Pema Kunsang

(Posted by Michael Gregory, Facebook, 29 April 2023)

The light of awareness ~ 17th Karmapa

Recalling the principle of interdependence, we can expand our sense of ourselves beyond the narrow limits of our own body and experiences, to encompass everything our life connects to. Then we can look beyond our own aims, and embrace others’ goals as our own.

~ 17th Karmapa

from the book “The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out”

(Posted by Devotees of the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Facebook, 29 April 2023)

Resting in the genuine natural state ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“In order to cut the root of basic confusion, one should rest in the natural state without altering it.

Once one is resting in the genuine natural state, one should neither follow one’s thoughts nor search for an antidote for them. If the intrinsic nature is left in its natural state, as it is said, ‘When water is not stirred, will become clear’, Just as dirty water, if not stirred, will become clear, if the nature of mind is left unaltered, as it is, deluded thoughts will automatically clear up. The natural flow of the intrinsic nature will come automatically…

Awareness will become clearer and clearer of its own accord; we don’t have to force it to become so. In the practice of the Great Perfection, we first recognize the primordial nature of mind, and then become more and more experienced in recognizing it, eventually achieving complete stability in its realization.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

from The Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse, Volume Three

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 30 April 2023)

Space Yogis ~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

While resting free of anything to imagine, like space, do not be distracted for even one instant. The one who trains like that can truly be called a ‘space yogi’.

A yogi is an individual who connects with that which is naturally so. Space means that which always is.

Remain without imagining anything at all, not meditating on anything. Once you start to meditate on space, it becomes an imitation.

Simply allow the space to not wander. Remain undistracted. There is no impetus for any thoughts to reoccur.

A thought is a mental way of formulating something — in other words, our attention formulates a thought. The thought doesn’t come from anywhere else.

If we don’t think, where would a thought come from?

In the basic space that is unimaginable, remain undistractedly. Let your indescribable awareness remain undistracted in the naked state of basic space.

It doesn’t have to be imagined, because this basic space that is utterly naked is our own nature already. You don’t have to imagine that this is so.

– Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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Diamond slivers ~ Nagarjuna

Neither from itself nor from another,
Nor from both,
Nor without a cause,
Does anything whatsoever, anywhere arise.

~ Nagarjuna

from the book The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way: Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika,

(Posted by justdharma, Facebook, 1 May 2023)

Like and eagle soaring up into the blue sky ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“Even if death were to strike you today like lightning, you must be ready to die without sadness or regret, without any residue of clinging to what is left behind. Remaining in the recognition of the view, you should leave this life like an eagle soaring up into the blue sky.

When the eagle takes flight into the vast sky, it never thinks, ‘My wings won’t be able to carry me; I won’t be able to fly that far.’ Likewise, when dying, remember your guru and his instructions, and adhere to them with complete confidence.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche – Commentaries on Jigme Lingpa’s ‘A Wondrous Ocean of Advice’ in Collected Works, Vol III pg 475 – Shambala

Source 🙏 Dharma Samye

(Posted by jangchub.norbu, Instagram, 30 April 2023)

Beyond coming and going ~ Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

All birth and death is projected by delusion, and does not exist in reality.
I am beyond coming and going.

~ Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 1 May 2023)

Nature of Mind ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“When looking into the nature of mind, don’t expect to gain some exceptionally high or profound realization, or to see anything new. Nor should you hesitate or doubt your ability to meditate. Just trust that the nature of mind is simply the mind itself left in an unaltered state, and do all that you can to sustain this, without distraction, at all times, during and between the meditation sessions.

Don’t expect to gain realization in just a few months, or even years. Whether you develop any of the qualities that come from the practice or not, remain steadfastly determined and resolve to continue the practice with diligence, day and night, throughout this life, future lives and the bardo state.” 

~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

(Posted by Michael Gregory, Facebook, 1 May 2023)

Investigate your mind’s real nature

“Just as things appear as the single nature just as it is, no one should ever attempt to adjust this.

From the uncontrived king of evenness,
the nonconceptual wisdom mind of the dharmakaya – is spontaneously accomplished.”

Excerpt from, The All-Creating Monarch
The Kunjyed Gyalpo Tantra

“All that is experienced and
Your own mind are the unique primary reality.
They cannot be conceptualized according to the cause and effect systems of thought.
Investigate your mind’s real nature
So that your pure and total presence will actually shine forth.”

Excerpt from, The Jeweled Ship, a commentary on the The All-Creating Monarch, by Longchenpa.

The root text and commentary […]

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 2 May 2023)

The Qualities of a Meditator ~ Longchenpa

As an individual who seriously takes up the practice,
You must have faith, perseverance, renunciation and a sense of disenchantment with worldly life.

You must be saddened and wearied by saṃsāra, and strive for freedom.

Renouncing the concerns of this life and seeking eventual enlightenment,
You must leave distractions and busyness far behind, and have few mental afflictions,
Be easy-going and tolerant, and have pure perception and great devotion,
As well as stability of mind and deep respect towards the teachings—
Practitioners such as this will accomplish supreme liberation!

You must serve, in the best possible way, a noble teacher,
And purify your mind through study, reflection and meditation.
In particular, you should spend your days and nights
Diligently applying yourself to the essential instructions of our awareness lineage.

Without becoming distracted for a moment by ordinary concerns,
Diligently apply yourself to the profound innermost meaning.

Never transgressing the precepts, and the vows of the bodhisattvas and vidyādharas,
With your own mind under control, help others in any way you can,
And take whatever you experience onto the path to liberation.

As a beginner, it is most important that you secure your own well-being,
Guarding your mind in solitude, abandoning distractions and busyness,
Avoiding unfavourable situations, and subduing the mental afflictions with appropriate antidotes.

Ensuring that your view and conduct are in harmony, enthusiastically devote yourself to meditation.

Whenever any of the ordinary five poisons arise, in that very moment,
Catch them with mindfulness, and, without distraction, apply the antidotes.

With conscientiousness, introspective vigilance, self-restraint and a sense of dignity, bring your own mind under control.
See the equality of praise and blame, approval and disapproval, good and bad reputation, for they are just like illusions or dreams and have no true existence.

Learn to tolerate them as if they were mere echoes,
And sever at its root the mind which clings to an ‘I’ or a self.
In short, by never transgressing the Dharma in all that you do,
Bring your mind under control, do no harm to others,
And without succumbing, even for an instant, to the mental afflictions,
Devote your days and nights to virtue—this is crucial!

Nowadays, when people are so unruly,
It is vital that you first achieve your own well-being in solitude.
Just as a bird can not fly without both wings, the welfare of others cannot be accomplished without the higher faculties of perception, so diligently strive for your own wellbeing, whilst mentally considering the welfare of others.

Without letting your mind be deceived by the devious māras of distraction and busyness, It is vital that you apply yourself to the practice—

Do not cause yourself to suffer regret at the time of death!

Therefore, make your mind ready now,
And consider this: Were you to die now, what would become of you?
Without any assurance as to where you’d go or what might happen,
To spend your days and nights in the grips of confusion and distraction,
Is to squander and make meaningless the freedoms and advantages of this precious human life.

Meditate therefore on the essential meaning, alone and in solitude.
For it is now that a long-term strategy is really needed.

How can you be sure where you will go in future?
You must diligently apply yourself this very day!

These delusory appearances of samsara are like treacherous pathways.
Keep this in mind: You must find the methods to free yourself.

For if you remain deluded now, you’ll wander in delusion forever. So arouse perseverance and keep this in your heart.
The ocean of mental afflictions and the sea of self-grasping are difficult to cross,
But now that you have the vessel of the freedoms and endowments, use it to reach the distant shore!

Now that you have gained this rare opportunity through the force of your merit—access to the path of liberation and enlightenment—
Secure your own benefit and happiness by striving with heartfelt sincerity!

Life is impermanent and changes from one moment to the next,
And we expertly deceive ourselves with distractions, postponing virtuous practice.
When we have long become accustomed to delusion,
In each moment we’re naturally drawn into the mental afflictions,
And even if we apply ourselves to merit and virtue,
We find they do not easily arise.

Strive, therefore, to avert the miseries brought about by your own actions!
There is not the slightest joy to be found within the states of saṃsāra.

The sufferings of conditioned existence, if you think of them, are impossible to bear.
Therefore apply yourself right now to the means of gaining freedom.

If you do not earnestly devote yourself to the essential meaning,
The state of leisure and intermittent Dharma will bring no benefit.
So develop a strong sense of weariness for all that is impermanent,
And, without being distracted even for an instant, generate enthusiasm for the practice!

If you realize this at the very outset,
You will swiftly achieve the state of an Arya! (Realized being).

Accomplishing your own welfare, the welfare of others will come naturally,
And you will find the supreme path of liberation from the states of saṃsāra.
When everything that you do is in accordance with the Dharma,
Then you are one who has the basis for attaining enlightenment.

This concludes the explanation of the individual practitioner who cultivates samādhi, from ‘Finding Comfort and Ease in the Meditation of the Great Perfection’.
By the All-Knowing Longchen Rabjam (Tib. ཀློང་ཆེན་པ་), Chimpu, Tibet, 1320.

This offering is dedicated to those in deep retreat now and for those entering into the thirty day Dzogchen retreat at the end of this month who are learning to rest in the natural state – day and night.

Sarva Mangalam!
May All be Auspicious!

(Posted by Michael Gregory, Facebook, 2 May 2023)

The stronghold of the vast expanse of primordial nature ~ Padmasambhava

After realizing the things
of this world are unreal,
there is little benefit
in dwelling in solitude.

When the falsehoods of phenomenal appearances
have collapsed into their own nature (emptiness),
and the unaltered nature of phenomena has been recognized – don’t nit-pick the subtle concepts of grasping and grasped or attach to the contaminated virtuous deeds. Please maintain the stronghold of the vast expanse of primordial pure nature.

~ Padmasambhava

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 5 May 2023)

A single ground and two paths

Everything in samsara and nirvana that can possibly appear
has a single ground, two paths and two results —
the miraculous displays of awareness and unawareness.
Through the aspiration prayer of Samantabhadra,
may all awaken in a fully perfect manner
in the palace of the dharmadhatu.

Excerpt from “The Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra”

(Posted by siddharthasintent, Instagram, 5 May 2023)

Beyond conceptual (self-clinging) – bliss of realisation (indivisible nonduality)

With bare feet you entered the world, empty-handed you will leave, do not become entangled by anything in-between.

You came from the Clear Light mind of awareness, and to Clear Light you will return. Don’t become attached or addicted to being human – as even the material mirages of this life are fleeting, fragile, and empty.

The appearance of moments, days, weeks and years are conceptual, they are not real. The universe is mind-made and it is timeless, majestically so.



(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 5 May 2023)

A dream unfolding ~ Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

Time is very precious. Do not wait until you are dying to understand your spiritual nature. If you do it now, you will discover resources of kindness and compassion you didn’t know you had. It is from this mind of intrinsic wisdom and compassion that you can truly benefit others…. Moment by moment, we should look at life as if it were a dream unfolding…. In this relaxed, more open state of being, we have the opportunity to gain the infallible means of dying well, which is recognition of our absolute nature.

– Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

from the book “Life In Relation To Death”

Thanks to: Gems of Wisdom – Nyingma Tradition

(Posted by heart_of_buddhism_kindness, Instagram, 5 May 2023)

Our time is first of all for us to be ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We have a tendency to think in terms of doing and not in terms of being.
We think that when we are not doing anything, we are wasting our time.
But that is not true.
Our time is first of all for us to be.

To be what? To be alive, to be peaceful,
to be joyful, to be loving.

And that is what the world needs most.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

(Posted by thichnhathanhgems/ mindjournal, Instagram, 4 May 2023)

Immeasurable thanks to all our precious teachers! [Editor]

Offering happiness ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

“Many of us are willing to spend six or eight years studying to get a diploma. We believe it’s necessary for us to be happy. But very few of us are willing to spend three or six months, or even a year, training ourselves to handle our sadness or our anger, to listen with compassion, and to use loving speech. If you can learn how to transform your anger, sadness, and despair, and if you can learn how to use loving speech and deep listening, you can become a real hero capable of offering happiness to many people.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

(Posted by thichnhathanhgems, Instagram, 21 April 2023)

Study and practice –
Union of wisdom and compassion ~ Je Tsongkhapa

Even if a bodhisattva investigates the highest wisdom, one is not a proper bodhisattva unless one applies skillful means for the benefit of other sentient beings.

~ Je Tsongkhapa



(Posted by karma_lodro_gyatso_yip, Instagram, 4 May 2023)

The gentle overcomes the rigid

Become Soft Like Water
Nothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water.

Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.

Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.

(Posted by Buddhism Wisdom, Facebook, 6 May 2023)

The Nobility of Realization [abbrev.]

Questioner: What is the difference between a realized mind and an unrealized mind?

Answer: The mind of the realized yogi seems to live like any other ordinary being in the world, and pursues an apparently normal life. […]

Unrealized minds consider the world of sense-objects as real, and the primacy of non-dual awareness as a matter of doubt. Consequently, unrealized minds attach to mere illusions and then suffer in direct proportion for this unnecessary confusion.

For the realized mind, all of reality is mind made and that awakened awareness thoroughly lives that experience. To that mind the world-of-objects and living beings are all inseparable manifestations of the mind itself, and consequently can cause no harm, living in a state of compassion and non-violence – for what is there not to love completely?

The realized mind is a constant and spontaneous experience of totality…recognizing neither absorption (samadhi) nor distraction (vikshepa) for it has transcended the fabricating thinking mind; and samadhi and vikshepa are the conditions of ordinary consciousness. Nor does the realized mind get involved in the world of activity. This does not mean that there is no action.

The yogi serves the world, but does not get involved – meaning that mind does not act with ego-centric desire, and as such, no karmic vasanas are created by those activities. This is in direct contrast to the mind of dualistic experience.

In Loving Kindness

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 6 May 2023)

Liberating the mind from the delusion of duality – realising the nature of true reality

If you desire the world [of duality – of clinging to self and phenomena], You may try to renounce it In order to escape sorrow.

Instead, renounce desire! [Look directly into the heart of it]. Then you will be free of sorrow, And the world will not trouble you.

If you desire liberation, But you still say “mine,” If you feel you are the body, You are not […] wise […] or [a] seeker. You are simply […one] who suffers. (16.10)

~ Ashtavakra Gita 

Abide in Awareness
with no illusion of person.
You will be instantly
free and at peace.

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 7 May 2023)

Happiness is possible right now, today!

“Happiness is possible right now, today—but happiness cannot be without suffering. Some people think that in order to be happy they must avoid all suffering, and so they are constantly vigilant, constantly worrying. They end up sacrificing all their spontaneity, freedom, and joy. This isn’t correct. If you can recognize and accept your pain without running away from it, you will discover that although pain is there, joy can also be there at the same time.

Some say that suffering is only an illusion or that to live wisely we have to “transcend” both suffering and joy. I say the opposite. The way to suffer well and be happy is to stay in touch with what is actually going on; in doing so, you will gain liberating insights into the true nature of suffering and of joy.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh
on Transforming Suffering

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 6 May 2023)

Taking Pain and Illness as the Path ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

“When you get sick, you should not indulge in the illness. Do not focus on the pain, thinking, “I’m sick. I have a headache. My tooth hurts.” That is indulging in the sickness.

Pain and sickness just happen, and when they do, we cannot just stop the sensation. Instead, we can rest, relaxing our mind and letting it settle in naturalness in relation to the essence of that sensation itself, without any feeling of displeasure or not wanting it, looking at the essence of the sensation itself. In the sutras, this is called the foundation of mindfulness of feeling.”

~ Thrangu Rinpoche

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 6 May 2023)

Gifts for our transformation ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“Welcome the view that the things which you think are wrecking your life – like your thoughts and emotions, or illness and death – are actually gifts for your transformation…

Whether life presents us with a pleasant sound or an unpleasant sound, a pleasant smell or an unpleasant smell, a pleasant thought or an unpleasant thought, it’s sheer delight because instead of identifying with the experience, we simply touch it and let it go.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

(Posted by jangchub.norbu, Instagram, 7 May 2023)

Seeing clearly into the nature of impermanence ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Once we recognise that all things are impermanent, we have no problem enjoying them. In fact, real peace and joy are only possible when we see clearly into the nature of impermanence.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

from the book “Awakening of the Heart: Essential Buddhist Sutras and Commentaries”

Thanks to: Gems of Wisdom – Zen Tradition

(Posted by heart_of_buddhism_kindness, Instagram, 6 May 2023)

How to Establish the Nature of Mind ~ Dudjom Rinpoche

• Düdjom Rinpoche explains how to establish the nature of the mind, which we take to be internal:

“Without bringing anything to mind, place your awareness in an uncontrived, relaxed state.

With your attention directed inward, focus completely on the mind’s own nature.

By so doing, there will arise a “self-clarity” that is without object, free of the extremes of conceptual elaborations, and free of any sense of apprehender and apprehended, including any viewer and viewed, experiencer and experienced, and subject and object.

Freshly enter into meditative equipoise in that very state, without contriving anything, or contaminating or changing it.”

• Düdjom Lingpa explains this ultimate dimension of consciousness as follows:

“It is not blank, like an unceasing darkness that knows nothing. All appearances are naturally present, without arising or ceasing. Just as heat is naturally present in the nature of fire, moisture is present in the nature of water, and coolness is present in the nature of the wind, due to the unceasing power in the nature of primordial consciousness, there is total knowledge and total awareness of all phenomena, without its ever merging with or entering into objects.

Primordial consciousness is self-originating, naturally clear, free of outer and inner obscuration; it is the all-pervasive, radiant clear infinity of space, free of contamination.”

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 6 May 2023)

What is the purpose of the three samadhis? ~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“What is the purpose of these three samadhis?

Sentient beings in the *three worlds of samsara are deluded by obscurations of birth, death, and bardo.

The samadhi of suchness

The samadhi of suchness purifies obscurations of death,

The all-illuminating samadhi

the all-illuminating samadhi purifies obscurations of the bardo [intermediate state],

The seed samadhi

and the seed samadhi purifies obscurations of birth.

The three samadhis…

So the three samadhis purify obscurations of birth, death, and bardo.

If one practices the completion stage, one will experience a state of bliss, luminosity and nonthought.

Ground, path, result

On the path,
-the samadhi of nonthought is the samadhi of suchness,
-the samadhi of luminosity is the all-illuminating samadhi, and
-the samadhi of bliss is the seed samadhi.

Their fruition is the three buddha kayas.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

‘Development Stage and Vajrasattva Practice’ – Collected Works, Vol III – pg 546, Shambhala

(Posted by Dharma Samye, Facebook, 6 May 2023)

*The ‘triple world’ of saṃsāra or rebirth. The Desire Realm (kāma-loka), the Form Realm (rūpa-loka), and the Formless Realm (ārūpya-loka) [ – earth, atmosphere and sky].

Precious human life ~ Padampa Sangye

If you spend the present meaninglessly and leave with empty hands,
People of Tingri, a human life in the future will be very hard to find.

– Padampa Sangye

from the book “The Hundred Verses of Advice: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on What Matters Most”

Thanks to: Gems of Wisdom – Buddhist Masters of Ancient India

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The here and now ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

People sacrifice the present for the future.
But life is available only in the present.
That is why we should walk in such a way
that every step can bring us to the here and now.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

(Posted by thichnhathanhgems, Instagram, 8 May 2023)

By then it’s too late! ~ Chatral Rinpoche

If you don’t reflect on death and impermanence, there’ll be no way to practise Dharma purely, practice will remain an aspiration, one that is constantly postponed, and you may feel regret the day that death comes, but by then it’s too late!

~ Chatral Rinpoche

from the book Compassionate Action

(Posted by The Words of My Perfect Teacher, Facebook, 10 May 2023)

Perceiving this danger

“Life is swept along, its span is next-to-nothing.
No shelters exist, when you are being swept to old age and death.
Perceiving this danger in death, stop being fooled – quickly drop the bait of this world and search for true peace”.

~ The Buddha

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 11 May 2023)

The best way to start your journey of self-improvement

Don’t let days pass you by without tuning-in with yourself. Things can always change. The future is only a concept. The only real moment is right now. Keep your focus within. Practice meditation. Start small but start. You have unlimited opportunities in every new present moment. Your past is never more powerful than your present. The best way to start your journey of self-improvement is the practice of Constant mindfulness.


(Posted by gartul_chimidorjee_rinpoche, Instagram, 11 May 2023)

Fabricated by our mind

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is like a dream.” When we understand that what we see, hear, and think is fabricated by our mind, we get closer to reality. Meditating on this understanding takes us even closer. Slowly it dawns on us that everything is like an image in a dream, or water in a mirage. We loosen our attachment to things from their own side on their own, including our ego. Concurrently our anger, jealousy, pride, and selfishness diminish. Naturally unconditional love and compassion increase. We feel a profound joy we never imagined. Emaho!

(Posted by shakya_bu, Instagram, 9 May 2023)

A chance to practice dharma

“Although of course even just doing practice has some benefit, the point of practice is to change one’s mind. If one’s mind does not change, then it is not very effective. We must look to see whether the practices we are doing are making a real difference in our mind or not. If the practice changes our mind, then, if we use it in the right way, we could be the busiest person in the busiest city but still be a very good Dharma practitioner because everything we see and do, everyone we associate with, gives us a chance to practice Dharma.”

~ H.H. Sakya Trichen,
in “Freeing the Heart & Mind”  @wisdompubs

(Posted by pemalotus, Instagram, 11 May 2023)

Consuming devotion ~ Nyoshul Khenpo RInpoche

“According to Dzogchen, and the special approach of the great Dzogchen master Sri Singha, there is a way of recognizing the nature of mind solely through devotion. There are cases of practitioners who simply through their heartfelt devotion attained realization, even though their teacher had already passed away or was nowhere near them physically. Because of their prayers and devotion, the nature of mind was introduced. The classic example is that of Jigme Lingpa and his consuming devotion for Longchen Rabjam.”

~ Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche,
quoted in Marcia Binder Schmidt (ed.) ‘Dzogchen Essentials: The Path that Clarifies Confusion’, Rangjung Yeshe Publications, 2004, p. 136.

(Posted by jangchub.norbu, Instagram, 12 May 2023)

Meditation on the illusion-like nature ~ Niguma

This variety of desirous and hateful thoughts
that strands us in the ocean of cyclic existence
once realized to be without intrinsic nature,
makes everything a golden land, child.

If you meditate on the illusion-like nature
of illusion-like phenomena,
actual illusion-like buddhahood
will occur through the power of devotion.

– Niguma

from the book “Niguma, Lady of Illusion”

Thanks to: Gems of Wisdom – Buddhist Masters of Ancient India

(Posted by heart_of_buddhism_kindness, Instagram, 11 May 2023)

The Mahamudra Dohakosa of Saraha 🙏

Like awakening from a dream, pleasure and pain then seem to have had no reality whatsoever. So, abandon hope and fear. Let go of trying to accomplish something or exhibiting anything. [Replace with awareness of what is – the nature of true reality]. Since all the phenomena of both Samsara and Nirvana are devoid of “inherent-nature,” any clinging to hopeful or doubtful thoughts is simply meaningless.

What is the point of striving to accept or reject anything? Even visible form and sound vibration are like a magical illusion, a hologram or a reflection in a mirror — they possess no substantiality. That which realizes this, the magician, is the sky-like mind itself.

This one true nature is without center or circumference, nor is there anyone separate there from who can comprehend this. Just as all the great rivers, the Ganges, etc., equally flow into the one Great Ocean, so mind and mental content have only one taste in the Dharmadhatu.

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 13 May 2023)

Seeing with fresh eyes ~ 17th Karmapa

Just as we can experience the bloom of youth physically, we can also have an inner blooming of our heart and mind. We can bring this freshness of youth to the world. Later, we can also bring the ripening of our mature wisdom to it.

~ 17th Karmapa

(Posted by Devotees of the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Facebook, 13 May 2023)

Offer joy and happiness ~ HH 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

You offer joy and happiness to others,
and it reflects back in your own life.

~ HH 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

From the book “The Heart is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out”

(Posted by Devotees of the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Facebook, May 2023)

Inner qualities and happiness ~ 17th Karmapa

Do you want to let yourself be defined by your possessions or by your job? I mean this as a serious question, because you could identify yourself with your job or your money or your possessions. Or you could identify yourself with your inner qualities and with happiness. It really is up to you.

~ 17th Karmapa

from the book “The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out”

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Illusory Body

The Illusory Body Practice – an outline of the practice for complete Awakening.

Among the numerous teachings of the Illusory Body, the yogi is to meditate on the shadow-like nature of the self as a body.


First let someone praise and then insult you and observe the reactions of pleasure and resentment. This is the helpful but crude form of the practice and delusory thoughts will be subdued; this is the practice of the Impure Illusory Body.

Another practice is called the Pure Illusory Body Yoga. That is to meditate on the illusory-like self-Buddha figure and let another person praise and insult you and observe the reaction of pleasure and displeasure, until an indifferent feeling toward both praise and insult arises. But this practice is not a special practice; it is the common practice of the highest Yoga and other general teachings.

A teaching of the pith-instruction of the Marpa School is that the yogi should stare at a mirror …and see whether his own image reflects from the mirror as the true Buddha’s image. This teaching is designed for promoting the meditation of the Generation Stage (kye-rim).

For initiation, the image of an Enlightened Being is reflected from a mirror is shown to the disciple to point out the not-self aspect of the Illusory Body and to illustrate its mirage-like nature.

Following carefully the Five Steps teaching of Marpa, the instructions are given, but Inner Heat (tummo) practice proceeds.

Especially, the instructions on the following steps are given:

How the illusory body is transformed from the mind-prana;

How the fabricated identity dissolves into Clear Light after the transformation of the Illusory Body;

The manner of the Manifestation, Augmentation, Emptiness, etc., come into view is then instructed..

How the Body is transformed after the Clear Light is stabilized

And how, if the Yogi practices the Clear Light-of-Sleep (Lucid Dreamless State with Awareness’ recognition of itself) he is able to move the prana enter into the Central Channel during the awakening state;

And then how the four Empties (see comments section below) will successively appear as light through the yogi’s capability of gathering the prana in the Heart Center (after the light state);

And finally how the Illusory Body of an Enlightened One will appear in the dream – in this stage, even if the Illusory Body does not appear in the dream, the yogi will have no remaining doubt.

Through the movement of the prana’s entrance into the Central Channel, one is able to maintain the light of sleep; or, if one has attained the general Samadhi of Mahayana or Theravada, one can also apply the samadhi’s focus in the sleeping state.

Thus, the deep sleep samadhi state can be brought into the weaker sleeping state samadhi.

Therefore, one should carefully discriminate between the holding of dream through prana power and the holding of dream through desire; and between the coming of death-light and sleep-light through the prana focus and through the force of the strong intention.

How the Sambhogakaya is manifested in the Bardo state should also be practiced.

In the practice of holding the Clear Light of Sleep and the practice of holding the dream state, though the power of prana, the first step is to realize the Clear Light of Sleep and then retrain the dream state.

If the yogi is not able to gather the prana into the central channel, but with a very strong intention sets one’s mind upon the recognizing of the dream state during the awakening time, throughout exertion of the focus of samadhi during the sleeping state will arise. However, this cannot be called a decisive or actual Light of Sleep state, it is known as the Child Clear Light.

If through both the inner and outer daytime practice, one is able to proceed with the entering, remaining, and dissolving process in the central channel, the Four Blisses and Four Empties will arise. Then the identity of Bliss-Emptiness during the emergence of the Innate-Born can be practiced.

The Four Joys or Blisses are four increasingly subtle experiences of bliss-emptiness connected with the advanced practices of tsa-lung; they transcend ordinary feelings of joy or pleasure.

They are:

1. joy (Skt. muditā; Tib. དགའ་བ།, gawa)

2. supreme joy (Skt. pramuditā; Tib. མཆོག་དགའ།, chokgya)

3. special joy (Skt. viśeṣamuditā; Tib. ཁྱད་དགའ།, khyé ga, and

4. innate joy (Skt. sahajamuditā; Tib. ལྷན་སྐྱེས་ཀྱི་དགའ།, lhenkyé kyi ga.

They are experienced when the white bodhichitta drop, (also called white essence), ascends from the lowest chakra to the navel, heart, throat, and crown chakras.

Eventually the Illusory Body will arise. By means of this practice, one will be able to realize the Bliss-Emptiness congruently with manifestations at all times. Thus the Ultimate manifestation and Mandala is realized.

Delight in this small taste of the Six Yogas, may the drops descend and ascend in perfect union. This is a general outline of Awakening meant to inspire practicing yogis.

With Palms Together
In Loving Kindness

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The View ~ HH Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse RInpoche

“The first of the three words is ‘view’.

If one has not recognized the view, there can be no meditation or action.

Those who have the view are like those who have the essence of wealth – lots of gold and diamonds. It is no problem for them to enjoy wealth in this world.

But beggars who have no possessions can only imagine being rich. They cannot enjoy wealth.

So unless we have realized the unerring view, we will not attain the state of omniscience.

If you have no eyes, even if you have ears, tongue, nose, and the other senses, you are disabled.

The view is like the eyes. If it is not realized without error, just imagining it will not enable one to progress on the path of liberation and omniscience.

The Buddha said:

‘It is easy to progress through discipline,
But that is not the view.
Through discipline, one can attain a fortunate existence.
Through the view, one can attain the supreme state.’ ”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Commentaries on “Three Words That Strike the Vital Point” – The Collected Works, Vol III – Shambhala

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Examine yourself ~ Tilopa

Lo! This is self-awareness!
It surpasses all avenues of speech and thought.
I, Tilopa, have nothing to reveal.
You should know it yourself through inward examination.

– Tilopa

quoted in the book “Mahamudra: The Moonlight: Quintessence of Mind and Meditation”


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6 words of advice

Don’t recall
Let go of what has passed

Don’t imagine
Let go of what may come

Don’t think
Let go of what is happening now

Don’t examine
Don’t try to figure anything out.

Don’t control
Don’t try to make anything happen

Relax right now and rest.

Meaningless Illusion

Kye ho! Listen with sympathy!

With insight into
your sorry worldly predicament,
realizing that nothing can last,
all that appears
is a dreamlike illusion,
these meaningless illusions
provoke frustration and boredom,
turn around and
abandon your mundane pursuits.

The Monarch of All Views

If you are beyond all grasping at an object and at a subject,
that is the monarch of all views.
If there is no distraction,
it is the monarch of all meditations.
If there is no effort,
it is the monarch among all conduct.
When there is no hope and no fear,
that is the final result,
and the fruition has been attained or revealed.

At first a yogi feels his mind
Is tumbling like a waterfall;
In mid-course, like the Ganges
It flows on slow and gentle;
In the end, it is a great
Vast ocean,
where the Lights
of Child and Mother

~ Tilopa
from The Song of Mahamudra

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Fully genuine ~ Chögyam Trungpa

When relaxation develops in us, through letting go of neurosis and experiencing a sense of space and cool fresh air around us, we begin to feel good about ourselves. We feel that our existence is worthwhile. In turn we feel that our communication with others could also be worthwhile, pure, and good. On the whole we begin to feel that we are not cheating anybody; we are not making anything up on the spot. We begin to feel that we are fully genuine.

– Chögyam Trungpa

Thanks to: Gems of Wisdom – Kagyu Tradition

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Humility and confidence ~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

“Jigme Lingpa has advised us that as practitioners, we need two things. One is humility and the other is confidence. When you lose your inspiration, when you think that you are lazy and you don’t have devotion, then you should think, ‘The fact that I think like this is good, it means that I am considering this as a problem.’ That realization is some kind of renunciation, or at least food for renunciation. And thinking like that, having that kind of attitude, is confidence.

And then again sometimes we should think, ‘What I am practicing is not enough.’ Not only sometimes, actually, most of the time we should think that what we are doing is not enough, we have to do more. The purification that we are engaging in, the accumulation of merit that we are doing, is not enough. Never enough. That is the practice of humility. So this, too, is really important.”

~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

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* Habituating the awakening mind (bodhicitta), like turning the dharma wheel. Developing discriminating wisdom awareness in our practice (transform the mind (relative level) – liberated from distractions (inner and outer) – purification process.

Every moment is an opportunity for practice

Every moment is an opportunity for practice. Observing our thoughts and feelings without reacting is practice. It is recognizing that we are not our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings. Nothing more. They do not mean we are good or bad. They are just thoughts and feelings.

Observing without reacting is wisdom. It begins the path of eroding our false ego. The light is let in. Darkness subsides. Love naturally warms up. As wisdom and unconditional love deepen and broaden, we move closer to enlightenment. It is the process that is important. Practice will naturally lead to the goal. Emaho!

~ Dr. Barry Kerzin

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The lion’s example ~ Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche

Thoughts usually follow one upon another without intermission. In the same way, we usually chase after our thoughts like a dog that fetches the same stone thrown time after time. One thought gives birth to two and two to three, and soon they multiply and completely invade our mind.

But, lions unlike dogs don’t play fetch. Instead of watching the stone, a lion would turn back and look for the one who threw it. By following the lion’s example we can look at the source of the thoughts rather than following the thoughts themselves, and see that thoughts arise from the absolute nature of mind. In this process, thoughts naturally dissolve into that absolute nature and do not proliferate.

~ Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche
The Great Medicine That Conquers Clinging to the Notion of Reality Shambhala Publications.

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Pointing Out Instruction ~ Karma Chakmé

The Saṃpuṭi says:

འཇིག་རྟེན་ཁམས་ནི་གང་དུ་ཡང་། །
jikten kham ni gangdu yang
Not in any realm of this world,

སངས་རྒྱས་གཞན་ནས་རྙེད་མི་འགྱུར། །
sangye zhen né nyé mingyur
Nowhere else will Buddha be found.

སེམས་འདི་རྫོགས་པའི་སངས་རྒྱས་ཡིན། ། ཅེས་གསུངས་པ་དང་།
sem di dzokpé sangye yin
This mind is the perfect Buddha.

Lord Götsangpa said:

རང་གི་སེམས་ལ་གཅེར་གྱིས་ལྟོས། །
rang gi sem la cher gyi tö
Look directly into your own mind,

བལྟས་པས་མི་མཐོང་དངོས་པོ་མེད། ། ཅེས་དང་།
tepé mi tong ngöpo mé
And by looking you will not see, for it has no reality.

And the great adept Saraha said:

འཁོར་འདས་ཀུན་གྱི་རྩ་བར་གྱུར་པའི་སེམས། །
khordé kün gyi tsawar gyurpé sem
Mind is the root of all saṃsāra and nirvāṇa.

རྟོགས་ནས་བསྒོམ་དུ་མེད་པས་ལྷུག་པར་ཞོག །
tok né gom du mé pé lhukpar zhok
Once it is realized, there is nothing to cultivate, so rest at ease.

རང་ལ་བཞག་ནས་གཞན་དུ་ཚོལ་བ་ཨ་རེ་འཁྲུལ། །
rang la zhak né zhendu tsolwa a ré trul
How deluded to search outside for what is to be found within!

འདི་ཡིན་འདི་མིན་མེད་དེ་ཐམས་ཅད་གཉུག་མའི་ངང་། ། ཞེས་གསུངས་སོ།།
di yin di minmé dé tamché nyukmé ngang
Without concern as to what is or is not, all is the genuine state.

Dedication of Merit
དགེ་བ་འདི་ཡིས་མྱུར་དུ་བདག །
gewa di yi nyurdu dak
Through the positivity and merit of this, may I swiftly

ཕྱག་རྒྱ་ཆེན་པོ་འགྲུབ་གྱུར་ནས། །
chakgya chenpo drub gyur né
Attain the realization of Mahāmudrā, and thereby

འགྲོ་བ་གཅིག་ཀྱང་མ་ལུས་པ། །
drowa chik kyang malüpa
Every single sentient being

དེ་ཡི་ས་ལ་འགོད་པར་ཤོག །
dé yi sa la göpar shok
Reach this state of perfection too.


If you practice this by combining recitation and visualization in four sessions every day experience and realization will arise and the resulting benefits will be beyond measure.

ཅེས་རྗེ་ཐམས་ཅད་མཁྱེན་པ་དྲུག་པ་ཆོས་ཀྱི་དབང་ཕྱུག་གིས་མཛད་པ་ལ་ཕྱག་ལེན་གྱིས་བརྒྱན་ཏེ་ཨ་རཱ་གས་འཕྲལ་དུ་བྲིས་པས་གྲྭ་པ་ཐམས་ཅད་ལ་ཕན་ཐོགས་པར་གྱུར་ཅིག། །།

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2021.

Dakini Art, Enlightenment

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Recollection of death

It’s hard to appreciate life without the recollection of death.

It’s hard to use time wisely without the recollection of death.

It’s hard to abandon indulgence in sensual pleasures without the recollection of death.

It’s hard to prioritize wisely without the recollection of death.

It’s hard to forgive others without the recollection of death.

It’s hard to maintain a consistent dhamma practice without the recollection of death.

𝐒𝐨 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐮𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭:

Every single person ever born has already either died or will die in the years ahead. I, too, am surely going to die.

My life is slipping away, little by little, without the slightest pause, like sand in a timer.

My death may come at any time. I could die today. I have absolutely no guarantees that I will see tomorrow. Or even my next inhalation.

So many illnesses could cause my death. This body is so fragile. Death is never far away.

Wealth, power, fame, respect and love – no worldly achievement can prevent my coming death.

Only dhamma practice can be a refuge to me in the face of my inevitable death. [Recognising the nature of true reality – death is unaware mind’s delusion, the physical body decomposes].

Only by realizing liberation through practice of the Eightfold Path may I transcend death, and experience the Deathless.

~ Ajahn Jayasaro

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Death & Impermanence ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

All compounded phenomena is undergoing continuous change, and will one day come apart. Such as our body, possessions and relationships. The deeper that we can accept this fact of reality, the weaker our attachment will be. Therefore, the less suffering that we will have when it happens.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

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Samsara ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

Samsara is the beginningless and uncontrollable cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in different planes of existence.

Even though your mind has experienced the birth and death of a body infinite times, your mind is beyond birth and death. It has never come into existence, and it will never go out of existence, even when it is finally free from samsara. Only its state changes.

Once liberated from samsara, and all of its sufferings, it is impossible to fall back. Please contemplate this extremely carefully.

You have now met the buddhadharma that shows you the way to liberation, but your precious human rebirth is running out every moment, and every moment counts on the path.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

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Beyond hope & fear (- basis is duality, self-clinging)

“Once one has realized the nature of things, one no longer hopes to attain Buddhahood, neither is one apprehensive that one might not obtain it. One simply remains in the even state of all-pervading peace in which all notions of subject and object have been freed in their own sphere.”

~ Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Zurchungpa’s Testament – on Wisdom – Collected Works, Vol III p 253 Shambala

Source 🙏 Dharma Samye

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Naturalness ~ Guru Padmasambhava

“When a wave moves on the great ocean, it rises from and subsides back into the ocean. The wave is no other than the ocean, and the ocean is no other than the wave. Like the wave in the ocean, remain serenely as equal taste.

Like this analogy, within the Mahamudra of your mind-essence, the original nature free of thought, let be completely in naturalness. Do not hold anything in mind.

Whatever thought may arise is, at the very moment of arising, do not separate from thought-free and unmistaken wakefulness. Thought arises from you, appears to you, and dissolves into you.

At that moment, the natural state is not a thing you can think of, nor is it possible to indicate it through words.”

~ Guru Padmasambhava

From: “Treasures from Juniper Ridge”
Rangjung Yeshe Publications

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Mantra is sacred sound

Mantra is sacred sound
It didn’t originate with some ordinary person or thing, but it is the self-voice or original sound of the natural state.
Realize that the mantra is alive,
a manifestation of our inner vajra nature.

*Tara’s enlightened activity

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