To be simple ~ J. Krishnamurti⁠

“If I am on the path of intelligence because I am simple and don’t know much…”⁠

⁠To think in terms of ‘much’ is to be unintelligent. ‘Much’ is a comparative word, and comparison is based on accumulation. “Yes, I see that. But, as I was saying, if one is on the path of intelligence because one is simple and really doesn’t know anything then intelligence would seem to be tantamount to ignorance.”⁠

⁠Ignorance is one thing, and the state of not knowing is quite another; the two are in no way connected. You may be very learned, clever, efficient, talented, and yet be ignorant. There is ignorance when there is no self-knowledge. The ignorant man is he who is unaware of himself, who does not know his own deceits, vanities, envies, and so on. Self-knowledge is freedom. You may know all about the wonders of the earth and of the heavens, and still not be free from envy, sorrow. But when you say “I don’t know”, you are learning. To learn is not to accumulate, either knowledge, things or relationships. To be intelligent is to be simple; but to be simple is extraordinarily arduous.⁠

~ J. Krishnamurti⁠

Series III – Chapter 33 – ‘To Be Intelligent Is To Be Simple

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